Master your KDE Plasma experience / updated for 5.21

This post keeps track of my KDE customization routine when installing the system from a new ISO. It comes with my Gitlab repo containing every dotfiles.

Step 1 : basic setup

Update the system, using KDE Neon specific command:

Install KDE/Qt additionnal packages:

DOTFILE: see applications info & details here.

Step 2 : system settings

1. Search

System Settings > Search > Files / Krunner / Web: stop file indexing and…

Get the right tools and free and open-source softwares for desktop and smartphones

A short guide on privacy, security and free and open-source softwares, for a safe digital life:

  • How to setup your Google Privacy Settings
  • How to secure your Android 10 phone
  • Change your Web Browser and default search engine
  • A selection of basic Free and Open Source Softwares and Apps
  • How to Secure your Password Management
  • Switch to Linux!

1. How to setup your Google Privacy Settings

Let’s start with Google, the first and biggest partner of our digital life (alongside Facebook Inc. and Amazon Web Services). Using or being forced to use its services doesn’t mean you should accept the amount of personal data it collects. In fact…

The best albums that brought me through 2020.


[5*] ORAXFilm
[5*] WaveshaperArtifact
[5*] NewRetroWaveMagnatron III

[4*] Deadlife
Dark Nation
[4*] WaveshaperThe Disk Hunter
[4*] DeadlifeSingularity
[4*] DeadlifeVariations on the Resolve
[4*] DeadlifeOrphan
[4*] DeadlifeCity of Eternal Rain
[4*] Robert ParkerCrystal City
[4*] Robert ParkerEnd of The Night
[4*] SwayzeThe Beginning
[4*] Victor LoveTechnomancy
[4*] Carbon Based LifeformsDerelicts
[4*] NewRetroWaveIn Search of Darkness

Rock / Metal …

Entering the KDE/Qt environment after 10 years of GTK applications

KDE Neon

I’ve spent the last two years with Fedora, being totally satisfied by the stability it offers and the vast library of up-to-date packages. I’ve tweaked Gnome and XFCE to the bone, added a tiling WM session (i3 then Wayland) to keep on exploring new workflows. And then I wondered: what if I tried something new? How can I continue to enhance my Linux experience?

What about… leaving the GTK universe I was so familiar with, to give an extensive shot at the KDE/Qt desktops? Of course, I’ve installed a few KDE desktops images during the last years, and I was…

Back to XFCE desktop

Fedora XFCE / Materia theme

Post-installation setup guide, Materia style. Dotfiles available on Gitlab.

1. System & packages

DNF optimization

Avoid systematic check update, and boost download speed [ref.] :

RPMFusion Free

Enable repository RPM Fusion Free for additionnal packages (like CMUS)

Basic softwares

For a standard daily drive:

  • bashtop: better Top
  • bmon: network monitor
  • cmus: command line music player
  • conky: display info on desktop
  • doom emacs: terminal text editor
  • exFalso: audio tag editor
  • fd: best search…

Quick customization

Quick customization routine on a fresh Fedora 31 Gnome installation / updated after Fedora 32 Workstation released

Fedora 32 Workstation

1. Shell prompt quick customization

We’ll keep it simple here, I won’t take you around a full featured customization as the one you can get through Zsh.

Use any online tool to easily tweak your PS1 prompt, like: Once again, I kept it simple:

To make it clean and efficient

Ubuntu 19.10
  1. Nvidia drivers
  2. Screen tearing
  3. Look and Feel
  4. Shell customization
  5. Additional programs

1. Nvidia drivers

Good news: Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine’ brings Nvidia GPU drivers support by default. The drivers are installed when enabling the “Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats” option during the Ubuntu installation process.

Once installed, you can manually switch between the graphic card and Intel processor thought the Nvidia Settings panel, or through a simple command line:

Reboot or logout (this behavior differs for certain Ubuntu versions) for the change to take effect. …

Shell scripts allow you to give instructions to your operating system. In this post we’ll use Zsh as a shell (see here how to install it if it doesn’t come with your distro), a Unix shell that can be used as an interactive login shell and as a command interpreter for shell scripting.

Create a script

How to create a simple shell script and learn to interact with our system. We’ll start with the simple display of a text in the command window.

To create your text, use a command line text editor (like Nano or Vim) or GUI applications (Mousepad, Gedit…) The…

How to install and configure Zsh on Linux

Bash (Bourne Again Shell) is the default command-line shell on many distributions. Zsh (Z Shell) is a powerful shell that operates as both an interactive shell and as a scripting language interpreter.

Zsh on Tilix ‘Quake’ drop-down terminal

Check your current shell:

1. Z Shell

Please replace pacman in the following codelines by your distro package manager: apt, dnf etc.

Install the zsh package:

Test it by running zsh in your terminal. If you were using bash, you’ll switch to the zsh prompt. The prompt model will be different, since you’re using a different config file, not your classic .bashrc:

Quick guide on how to encrypt a USB key with LUKS, the Linux Unified Key Setup disk encryption standard.

The goal here is to create a USB key or disk containing 2 partitions:

  • A standard FAT32 partition compatible with any system, to keep your USB key useful in any situation
  • A passphrase protected partition to store sensible data from a Linux system

I’ll be using Disks on Gnome (gnome-disk-utility 3.32.1).

Encrypted USB key prompt

First step : format the USB key as an Extended partition. This will allow you to create multiple child partitions.


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